Noon foundation for Culture and Arts was created in 2012 by a group of professionals and philanthropists who work in the fields of culture, media and cinema in Egypt. Their activities aim to open the channels of cultural and artistic exchange between Egypt and the rest of the world and to enable the promotion of a deeper intercultural knowledge. Noon foundation for Arts and Culture focuses on organising cultural activities which provide a bridge between generations, communities and nationalities. Special focus is placed on assisting the process of integrating younger generations of all backgrounds into the cultural scene. Based on the reasoning above, Noon foundation for Culture and Arts organises an annual film festival in Sharm El-Sheik where international filmmakers come together and exchange knowledge with local and international audiences in a sophisticated and entertaining way.




He was a director and scriptwriter. He graduated in 1972 from the Cairo Film Institute. In 1986 he completed a course at the VGIK, the Moscow Film Institute. He was director of the scriptwriting department at the Egyptian Film Institute.

Gamal Zayda Current chairman of the board of trustees and the president of the festival


Mr Zayda also heads of the Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts as well as being a political affairs columnist at Al Ahram Newspaper and former correspondent for Al Ahram Newspaper in Canada . He also headed the first and second editions of the Sharm El Sheikh Festival.


Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival (SSFF)

Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival (SSFF) is a non-profit cultural event organised by Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts. It is held in Sharm El-Sheikh, the charming Egyptian city of peace. 

SSFF hosts two international film competitions (short and long) in addition to gala events, open-air screenings, workshops, and seminars, all with celebrity attendees showcasing a truly intercultural dialogue.

The Festival is held under the auspicious of:

The Egyptian Ministry of Culture

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Governorate of South Sinai

The Egyptian Film Center

The Egyptian Film Syndicate

The Egyptian Film Institute

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